West Craven Baptist Church

Our vision: - To reveal God's heart at the heart of the community.

We are a Baptist Church working with others  from our centres in Barnoldswick, Earby and Salterforth. 

Barnoldswick BB18 5NZ

Earby BB18 6QS

Salterforth BB185TU

Welcome to the website for the West Craven Baptist Church.  For us church is not just about Sunday, but flows out into the whole of life.  We aim to live out our faith in our homes, schools, work places - wherever we are.  Through the week we also offer a kaleidoscope of activities to bring people together and build community, such as coffee mornings, parent and toddler groups, home groups, Tuesday Club for children, social events and so on. See our 'Whats On' page

Helen writes . . . . . . .

Dear Friends,


As you read this we will have just entered the season of Lent when we remember the time Jesus spent in the wilderness.


Whether it be massive expanses of ice, towering mountain ranges or sun- baked deserts, we think of the wilderness as bleak and hostile but in reality it is a beautiful and necessary part of life on earth. Unless a huge proportion of the earth’s surface is left as wilderness many species will face extinction, and the climate will no longer support life. We can use this view of the wilderness to enhance our personal lives.


Sometimes we may feel as though we are lost in the wilderness, not sure which way to turn, who to ask for help, where to find peace. But when times are challenging, through the dark days, when we are tired and anxious, when we suffer great loss, we can seek and find peace in the wilderness. We can look upon it not as a barren and threatening place, but rather as a place to think and pray, to search for and find God.


We all need breathing space, time to just be, peace and quiet, and the opportunity to retreat, rethink, and get a better perspective on life.


May you find what you are searching for in the wilderness of Lent.


Helen Edmondson




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