Worship Services in October

6th October at 10-30am at Mount Zion led by Andy Sellers            

13th October at 10-30am   at Barnoldswick Baptist Centre led by Julie Bryan          

20th October at 10-30am    at Salterforth led by Fr Kevin Firth       

27th October at 10-30am  at Mount Zion led by Richard and Julie

Activities in October


Christmas Shop Frank Street

Christmas Gifts needed. Perhaps as well as making things, you might spot something small in a gift shop which you could buy for the shop.


We are hoping to sell jams and chutneys at our Christmas shop. We need to use new jars and label them with contents and date of production.

If you would like some jars, please let Margaret know.

In addition to charity cards and gifts, we are hoping to sell preserves and baking as well as craft items and Christmas gifts and decorations.

Preserves must be labelled with ingredients and should be in new jars. There is a stock of jars in the Alvery Jackson cupboard.

Cakes must be wrapped and again have a label with ingredients and date of making. If you are happy to make some cakes but want someone else to do the labels, let Helen E. or Margaret know.

Last year we sold over £700 worth of goods. This year, with your help, who knows!


Tue 15th October The Afternoon Home Group will be listening to some tracks from Norman’s CD ‘Walkin’ the Road’ 2.00 p.m. at Joyce’s home Earby.


Wed 16th October Deacons’ Meeting     7.45 p.m. at Mount Zion


Thu. 17th October 4C’s  2.00 p.m. Communion Coffee Cake and a chat at Barnoldswick Baptist Centre


Wed 23rd October Holiday Special 10.00 – 12.00 noon   + optional lunch Barnoldswick Baptist Centre


Sat 26th    October Julie’s Celebration 2.00 – 4.00 p.m.  at Barnoldswick Baptist Centre


Mon. 28th October to Saturday 2nd November CHRISTMAS SHOP Frank Street.


 Hope Barlick Angels - KNITTING ?

Christmas angels needed

Remember the joy that the angels brought around our area last Advent? Well...we are knitting again! Please let Margaret know if you would like a knitting pattern.


We have booked this production for Saturday 14th December. Book the date

We are extremely grateful to one of our members who has generously paid the dance company’s fee. That, plus the generosity of St Joseph’s in allowing us to use the premises free of charge, means that we are able to sell tickets at the very reasonable cost of £4.00 and £2.00 for concessions. The ticket money will cover all the other expenses and any profit will go to Macmillan Cancer Care.


More information about the fellowship: -

Robin & Sheila would like to thank all those who made a donation to the Pendleside Hospice during their Golden Wedding celebrations when £300.00 was raised.


Ruth Humphreys and Louise are restarting the Tuesday Club this month. Please pray for them and the children as they enjoy time together.


The next holiday special will be at BBC on 23rd October. Volunteers to help with the activities, catering and just being around would be welcome. Please let Margaret, Helen E. or Julie L. know if you can help.


BMS Birthday Scheme

Praise God for the Birthday Scheme, which raises an astounding £250,000 every year for BMS Medical Work.  The scheme organisers continue to pray for more people to come forward and to give generously to the Birthday Scheme, which saves lives every day.

Please speak to Trish if you feel able to contribute in this way, making your birthday special for others.


Joy Ransom is back in Nepal. Please pray for her as she settles into a new role.



Julie has started her training! Please note that for the next few months she will be in Manchester on Mondays and Tuesdays and that her day off is Friday. We look forward to celebrating her calling on Saturday 26th October 2.00 – 4.00 p.m. at Barnoldswick Baptist Centre.


Stephen continues to make steady progress. He has a hospital appointment early this month when he hopes he will be given a date for his surgery.


Christmas  Angels: The deadline for handing in Christmas angels will be in mid-November – keep knitting!